After Photo Scratch – Jamie Clark

Without Photo Scratch, my current project would still be sitting on my desktop and in my head. As an 2013 MA graduate from LCC, used to creating projects with deadlines to show to tutors, I have been floating about (possibly aimlessly?) since, waiting for an excuse to come together with colleagues and feel again the pressure of having to exhibit some work. There is nothing quite like a deadline and an occasion to focus the mind, and it is this very combination that has reignited my enthusiasm for documentary photography. The fact that our project was meant to be a ‘work in progress’ was further incentive to participate, mirroring again perhaps the tutorial based approach to building a project when at university. Any negative feedback is thus not finite or damning, but supportive and genuinely helpful. It takes away the anxiety one feels when new work is received; anxiety that can be a huge obstacle to creating new projects. Initial feedback on ones work is vital I feel, for as creators of work, living and working independently, we lose that supportive community we had at university, a community whose feedback and simple presence allowed me to get though the MA. I hope to use the photo-scratch approach for building all future projects.

Jamie Clark exhibited work in progress at Photo Scratch 18th January 2016.

For more information and to see more work by Jamie Clark visit:


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