Phil Le Gal – On Photo Scratch

Back in 2015 with fellow documentary photographer Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz we discussed the opportunity of creating a platform for showcasing new works of documentary photography in an informal setting. We formulated the idea of a “Scratch” night, an event to exhibit new work (possibly even work in progress) and for visual artists to gather some initial feedback on a specific piece of work.
A month later “Photo Scratch” was born. We organized the first event in which we both took part and exhibited along side other documentary photographers.

Knowing I was exhibiting at Photo Scratch led me to rethink some late work I completed last year in Calais’s new Jungle. I wanted to add another dimension to the photographic series to present on the night. I went through my notes and got in contact with a sound artist who did work in Calais too. I suggested a collaboration between photos and sounds to produce a multimedia documentary piece.

Photo Scratch allowed me to put this work together with a time constraint. I would still be talking about it if it was not for the event!

As I have potential exhibitions planned for the rest of the year I also tried a new way of presenting the combined work. Photo Scratch allowed me just that and I tried out a new installation for showing the final multimedia piece.

I was very pleased with my participation at the first Photo Scratch in January 2016. It brought exactly what we conceived the event for. I can only highly recommend it to fellow documentary photographers. The feedback I received by participants and audience was of a high standard and made me see the work through another angle which was debated later at the pub! As a visitor it is also a great opportunity to see new work by up and coming or established documentary photographers and to network with them.

A great night with free drinks for photographers, editors, family and friends alike !

Souls Of The Jungle :

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