May Photo Scratch

picture by Simon RyninksPicture: Simon Ryninks


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the third edition of Photo Scratch on Monday 23rd May 2016, at Hotel Elephant Gallery in Borough. We saw a wide selection of brilliantly executed works-in-progress projects and welcomed more people than ever to the night to offer their feedback and insight. With drinks supplied by local wine company Lant Street Wine and continued support from Hotel Elephant, Photo Scratch is growing into something quite lovely, with a supportive and rigorously constructively critical atmosphere.

All photographers who showed work can be found on our Alumnus page, with links to their websites.

With plans for expansion afoot, if you are interested in showing work at a future Photo Scratch, please do get in touch now!

The next edition of Photo Scratch will take place on Monday 11th July 2016.

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