From Chris Bethell

Chris showed his project in March 2016 at Photo Scratch.

I decided to revisit a project I hadn’t touched in a few years – titled Use Me or Live in Filth. I originally started the project because I realised that I had a vast archive of imagery centring around youth culture lying dormant on my hard drive. Over the past four years I have been shooting commissioned work for VICE UK at festivals, house parties, events and in day to day life. All of this work served it’s purpose in a singular article or advert and then fell to the memory of the internet. I wanted to do something more with the work; to give it a new meaning, so I started re-appropriating it all to work together.   

Photo Scratch gave me the opportunity to revisit this work again. After starting a masters degree this body of work was shelved for a while. For the first time, I showed Use Me of Live in Filth publicly – opening up to criticism about what worked and what didn’t. Receiving anonymous feedback is a strange but freeing process. It allowed people to be honest with their opinions and really engage with what I showed.

It is a really valuable event and I highly recommend others to get involved. 


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