Photo Scratch #5 – Jessica McDermott

I exhibited two projects at Photo Scratch, Recollection and Show and Tell. The former is a series of portraits featuring elderly people in the early stages of dementia, surrounded by objects that retell their life story in a single image and Show and Tell is an ongoing portrait project depicting people with possessions that have an interesting story behind them. The two are connected by their use of symbolic objects to highlight personal stories. I have been playing around with ways to present the work including books and various materials to make the project tactile.

Photo Scratch was an amazing platform to gain feedback on how well these different methods were working and for simply laying them alongside one another and asking which people prefer and why. I always loved having constructive criticism at art school and this gives you a deadline and a space to foster the same type of experience, while gaining inspiration from everyone around you. I discovered Photo Scratch for the first time at the event before this one and I will definitely be back to view work and hopefully to show new projects in the future.

– Jessica McDermott

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO
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