Photo Scratch #5 – Simon Short


I think Photo Scratch is a great idea and addresses one of my shortcomings – not spending enough time in the company of like-minded individuals. I work full time in London to make ends meet and (at least in theory!) to give me some financial means to carry out my own self-inspired photography projects – when time allows me!  But I definitely have not found enough time to get my work out there and to get feedback on my ideas, so this is a wonderful platform to address both these issues.

It was wonderful being in the company of other photographers and to share ideas, and I think this is the way forward for me, and I’m sure for other documentary photographers to realise their own end goals.

Thank you to everyone involved in creating this gathering of like-minded creative souls! Long may it continue, evolve and even create other offshoots.

The image above was taken as I travelled along the back roads of America, my route entirely dictated by the locations of towns with either a British name or, in this case, a part of London. Initially an editorial idea (published in a Sunday newspaper) and now a more extensive social documentary project, staying long enough to meet people & find out a little bit more. A sort of parallel universe. Meanwhile, closer to home and featured in the link below (& not yet shown at Photo Scratch) is what could be described as an inverse reaction to this and photographing what’s in my own back yard and my local landscape between home and work;

-Simon Short

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