Kevin Percival

Kevin showed work-in-progress at our January 2017 edition of Photo Scratch.
This time at Photo Scratch I presented a project very close to me, which I’ve been working on for over 5 years. In some ways this should have been quite a nerve inducing experience, especially given the reception the project received in its infancy. However, as usual I had no such concerns with Photo Scratch. I can’t emphasise enough the friendly, constructive, critical vibe which has been built up over the last year.

I would say it’s important to come armed with a set of questions which you want answering about the work. So much of the feedback will be peopletanerafolio-8‘s initial responses to a project, and I’ve found it helps to steer people’s thinking sometimes. Otherwise you can end up with valid feedback, but on elements of the work or presentation, which you’ve already considered/put to bed.
As always the nights continue to attract a great crowd of people wanting to engage with, think about and talk photography, and it only seems to be growing in popularity. You end up meeting all sorts of people, from all areas of the industry. Having a deadline to produce some prints is also a really useful kick up the arse…
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