Stephanie Smith

Steph showed long-term project (Dis)ability; What I have, not who I am at Photo Scratch in April 2017.
When you work on a project so long, spend so much time looking at the same images, getting to know the people you’re representing, one of the hardest things to do is edit the work down. I think also with the nature of my work, working with people with learning disability, there’s so much that happens during the course of taking the pictures that it’s virtually impossible to separate the circumstances surrounding the taking of the picture with the image itself. That’s why Photo Scratch is such an amazing experience. Aside from the invaluable written feedback that you get, it’s so good to talk to other photographers and creative people; not only about your own work but to learn about their creative process and struggles and be inspired. This was my first time presenting work, but aside from the obvious logistics of setting up and giving a little introduction about the work, once everyone had started coming in, it was just as every other Photo Scratch I’ve been to, talking about work on display, photography in general, art, culture. It’s always an inspiring night and I always leave with so many ideas flying around my head.
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