Elena Kollatou & Leonidas Toumpanos

Elena and Leonidas shared their evolving project about fracking Persephone’s Nightmare, at the April 2017 edition of Photo Scratch.


Persephone’s Nightmare investigates how hydraulic fracturing is short fracking, which is a drilling process used for extracting natural gas and oil from shale rocks by injecting into the Earth a high pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals, which forms and changes the landscape and local communities around Fracking sites in the UK. By burying the images in the ground around fracking sites we attempt to create corrosion on the images proportionate to the environmental destruction caused by Fracking.

Working on a long-term project is a lonely process and quite often makes you feel insecure whether to follow one direction or the other. Photo Scratch is a great opportunity to re-think and re-evaluate your goals while making you articulate what exactly you are doing in front of an audience who is willing to give you feedback and ideas.

An amazing night full of people who are interested in what you are doing and enthusiastic in sharing their thinking on photography, documentary and art.

It is what all photographers need: critical insight int our work! It’s definitely worth it!


Connect with Elena and Leonidas:


twitter: @elena_kollatou
fcebook: Kollatou Toumpanos Elena Leonidas

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