Kevin Percival – exhibition & crowdfunding

Post updated 24.06.17

Kevin Percival has shared work at Photo Scratch in January 2017 and July 2016. Very happy to share the news that Kev has an exhibition in Ullapool in Scotland!

He is also raising funding to publish a book of this work. Have a look and support if you can!


Tanera (Ar Dùthaich) focuses on a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland, where I lived and worked for several years. The island had a very small population when I lived there, but has a particularly interesting and close relationship with the local mainland communities. Many have lived or worked on the island, on the fish farm in the bay, fishing or running tours in the waters around the Summer Isles archipelago. As such Tanera occupies a specific place in hearts, minds and mythologies of the local people. The photographs are a ‘portrait of place’, shown through the people and the marks and effects they have on the landscape around them. Given the island’s small size, these traces often exist together, in close proximity, so you can see the effects of families living on the land 200 years ago, right next to what is happening today. Visually I wanted to acknowledge the romanticism of the Scottish wilderness, but contrast that with modernity- emphasising that this is a current workplace and home. Rural populations in Britain seem under-represented, both politically and photographically, and I wanted to present a project which encourages conversation around rural living and issues.


Given the current divisions within the UK, I hope projects like this can find a new role in reminding us of both our differences and similarities. Ultimately seeing each-other, and how we live is the first step towards generating a better understanding.



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