Nick St. Oegger – Kuçedra

Nick St. Oegger is a photographer from California, who more recently has been working in the UK after completing his MA at Westminster. He shared work-in-progress in the July 2017 edition of Photo Scratch. Here he shares some insight about the experience.



This was my second time participating in Photo Scratch and was another great evening. I shared a project I have been working on for a few months in Albania, about Europe’s last un-dammed river. I’ll be exhibiting the work in September and plan to start working on a book design, so it was a great opportunity to see the work on the wall and get some feedback. One of my favourite things about coming to Photo Scratch is meeting people who have no connection to photography and hearing their responses to the work. It makes for a relaxed environment where you still end up getting some great feedback and new perspectives on your work.

To see more of Nick’s work:

Instagram: @aquietamerican

Twitter: @NickStOegger

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