Scarlett O’Flaherty – Powolani przez Boga

Scarlett shared work at Photo Scratch in July 2017. She graduated from Plymouth University and is based in the South West of England.

The opportunity to share an ongoing body of work at Photo Scratch has been really valuable. Having graduated earlier this year it was a chance to reach a wider audience and gain feedback from both those in the industry or those with an interest in photography. It also helped me develop in confidence when talking about my work as the setting is informal yet still allows for constructive dialogue. I have developed some great contacts from the evening and have already followed some of these up with further meetings.

‘Powolani przez Boga’ began during a long term self-initiated study in Poland during my second year of university, and is a documentation of the feminine adoration of God that explores beyond a superficial perspective of women’s role in the Catholic Church, through seeking to understand what makes these women give their lives to God. The sisters display an inner contentment that many in a contemporary society would envy. This comes from the belief that they have been called by God. The calling and dedication to the church is not tangible, some would argue that the presence of God does not exist, however for the women of the Felician Franciscan Congregation it determines their path through life. My intention was to develop this work following graduation and the feedback from Photo Scratch has enabled me to formulate my ideas going forward. I’m now looking forward to returning to Poland with a fresh perspective.

Twitter: @scarloflaherty

Instagram: @scarlettemilyoflaherty


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