Daniel J Norwood – Sour Tree Orange

Daniel shared work at Photo Scratch in October 2017.
Port of Piraeus #1
News reports of the financial turmoil and severe austerity measures being suffered by the Greek people motivated me to go there and see for myself what was happening. This led to the idea of the project with the working title ‘Sour Tree Orange’ – fruit that look beautiful but have a bitter aftertaste. I had high minded aims that through simple looking I could discover universal truths in my own quiet moments of reflection and in encounters with people on the streets.
The feedback I received was a useful reality check, but always encouraging and constructive. The sense of disruption was picked up on and people were drawn in by the overall aesthetic. Helpful suggestions included being ruthless with the edit, finding a way to link the main prints, developing the project’s narrative theme and being precise with the language used in the text. All relevant advice. I also made some contacts which could prove useful taking the project forward.
Overall, a very positive experience and I would encourage anyone midway through a project to consider taking part.
You can follow my latest project updates and occasional book reviews on my blog here: https://djnorwood.wordpress.com
and my website here: http://www.djnorwood.com/

Port of Piraeus #8

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