Antonia Attwood – Exhibition

Antonia was one of the first photographers to share work at Photo Scratch back in 2016. Here is news of her exhibition which will open in January at the Bethlem Gallery.


Artist Antonia Attwood’s work invites the viewer into an intimate world of personal perspectives on what it feels like to live with mental ill health. Using still and moving imagery, sound, and photography she explores the day-to-day lived experience of people, affects of chemical changes in the brain, and the phenomenology of mental illness.

The body of work Antonia has developed over the past three years looks at a number of individual experiences of mental health conditions including her own, her mother’s and the experiences of people she worked with through a project developed in partnership with Free Space Project.

The biggest challenge in the battle against stigma is how we promote better understanding of experiences different to our own. Antonia works sensitively with individuals over time translating internal experience into a visual language. Her work gives a nuanced reading of people’s experiences encouraging an empathetic and visceral response.  

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Find more about Antonia’s work at

Twitter/Insta: @antonia_attwood

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