Write-up of Photo Scratch: Natalija Gormalova

Natalia shared her work-in-progress about disappearing fishing communities in Ghana at our 14th edition of Photo Scratch.


Photo Scratch was a one off opportunity to share my work in progress and to gain valuable feedback from peers. Hanna-Katrina and Phil were great hosts and extremely helpful throughout the process. On the night I received a constructive feedback about my work and now I have more confidence to take it further. It was a great opportunity to meet people in the industry and connect with other exhibiting photographers.

I shared a project “Sea Shanties” on disappearing fishing communities in Ghana.

Due to the recent offshore discovery of oil on the West coast of Ghana and continued incursions by illegal Chinese fishing fleets, there are considerably less fish in local nets and the communities that rely on fishing are facing an ever-increasing challenge to feed their families. Ghana used to have a thriving fishing industry but nowadays many fishermen have been forced to leave this ancient tradition behind and find new job opportunities in bigger villages or cities, causing a gradual displacement of the entire community.

I will be returning back to Ghana in the next couple of months to continue my project. To see the development of it, follow on my social media:

Website: www.natalijagormalova.co.uk

Instagram: @kino_zen

Twitter: @tashko_kuku


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