Photo Scratch write-up: Grace Jackson

Grace shared her ongoing work about the impact of sexual assault at our 14th edition of Photo Scratch.


The project I presented is called One in Five, which is the statistic for women aged 16-69years of being sexually assaulted or raped in their lifetime, the numbers are probably much higher and scarier than that as it is thought only 15% of victims report their crime. I wanted survivors to have a voice, to be able to feel they weren’t to be silenced and that their voice does matter, that they deserve to be heard. It has been created by the victim deciding what background, lighting and poses they wanted. Then using a long shutter release cable they are able to take the image when they are ready, they have the control again. Alongside this they have a diary to write anything about the experience they feel fits, anything they need to talk about. Whether it be how it affects their lives now or what happened. The idea is to give a voice to the people on our streets who don’t get justice, who don’t news articles written about them. To showcase what happens on our streets everyday that we are blind to. I hope to create conversation and education on an issue that affects too many people everyday.


I would really recommend anyone to sign up for Photo Scratch, as a freelance artist and working in a studio in the middle of no where with no other artists around I really struggle to get good constructive feedback that isn’t from friends and family who I feel says its good because they don’t want to upset me. It’s hard to know whether you are on the right track or not. Photo Scratch was the perfect way to present a project and to see if my head was thinking the same direction as others saw it. You will always have contradictions on your work, because part the reason we all do what we do is it is subjective not everyone will feel the same way we do, and that is the best part of art, there is not wrong or right. The Photo Scratch team are so lovely, answering my last minute panic emails and it just felt like there were no complications, and it was so well organised which with adrenaline flowing as I presented such a personal project made the set up and evening so pleasurable and took stress off my mind, I knew I was in good hands. I had loads of feedback to digest and has given me the courage to keep going and hear so many people feel the same about the project as I do makes me feel like what I am doing is right, and it is going to be well perceived. Having polaroid’s of us next to our work meant it was easy for people to find us and talk to us in person or they could leave feedback anonymously if they wanted to. It was the perfect balance of talking to different people but also then reading the feedback the morning after, which even though I am so impatient I managed to wait and it was the right thing to do to digest with fresh eyes.

I have been continuing with speaking to women who want to be a part of it, and I am looking forward to the project growing, I will presenting some of it in Brighton in March.

If you would like to be a part of the project please contact me on

Or follow the project on my instagram and stay up to date with my events through my website

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