Photo Scratch Write-up: Immaculata Abba

Immaculata shared work at Photo Scratch in January 2018 and here shares her thoughts about her experience and information about the project ‘Seeing Enugu.’

Immaculata_Enugu 3

I heard about Photo Scratch while I was studying a short course at LCC last year and after attending a number of Photo Scratch nights, I applied to show my ongoing project ‘Seeing Enugu’. I started this project last summer while I was back home in Enugu, Nigeria. As a place and community underrepresented in the media I consume, Enugu has always been for me a kind of cognitive mystery: a place in which I live but find so hard to imagine once I’m away. This project is therefore a way for me to explore Enugu through photography and create a visual archive to assist my memory as well as give my own visual account of what Enugu is to me. As it stands right now, the project touches on a number of different aspects: from the geographical landscape of Enugu with its red soil to its social and architectural landscape that reveal a city of old colonial glory trying to re-imagine itself in the face of recent socio-economic developments.

Showing the project at Photo Scratch opened me up to ways I could fine-tune the project by narrowing it down with a tighter edit and clearer narrative. I’ll be back in Enugu again later this year and going forward, I’ll have to make my focus more specific or at least, if I’m going to stick to the broad focus as it is now, I need to be able to better articulate why. The feedback also made me aware of different ways the project could be perceived and potential faults. In all, most of the feedback was constructive, well intended and invaluable. I also got the chance make contacts which could prove useful taking the project forwards.

Hanna and Phil were also very supportive and made the entire process as stress free as possible. I can not recommend Photo Scratch enough.

I’ll be updating my website  as I go along with the project.

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