Photo Scratch Book Special – Tamsin Green

Tamsin participated in our Photo Scratch book special in March 2018.
Several photographers had recommended that I participate in Photo Scratch with my current project, Born of the Purest Parents. When the book special was announced itseemed like the perfect time to get involved and seek feedback. The event gave opportunities to speak with people from quite different backgrounds. I found it very helpful to hear such varied interpretations of the work, from the perspectives of engineering, natural history, as well as photography. There were many references given for projects that I was unaware of, but have subsequently found useful in placing the work and broadening my understanding of the audience for this book. Watching so many people interact with the physical book object, and struggle to put the cover back together, was both amusing and constructive in thinking through how the experience worked with the overall idea of the project. I also thoroughly enjoyed looking through the book dummies of the fellow photographers. There is something very special about looking at work in progress books, especially where multiple versions are shown. It’s like peeping behind the curtain to observe the inner workings of the photographers process. Thank you to Photo Scratch for creating a supportive environment which stimulates discussions and networks to push projects forwards!
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