Photo Scratch

A night for new ideas, Photo Scratch is an opportunity for documentary photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their work further with the benefit of other people’s outside eye. For spectators this is an opportunity to preview projects, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography.

The format of the night involves a group of six to eight photographers previewing a project in an incomplete state. These photographers are selected in advance based on informal applications. Each photographer is given a wall space to display their work in any way they see fit (rough prints, contact sheets, annotations, captions, text, projection etc.). The audience comprised of other photographers and people within the industry are then welcome to discuss the work and leave written feedback for each project. This valuable written feedback is then kept by each photographer for future reference. The night is free for all to attend, but booking is required. There is a bar in the gallery.

The ethos of the night is to continue the peer-review approach nurtured at the London College of Communication on the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course. It is a chance for photographers at many different stages of their careers to meet, discuss and have open dialogues about their practice in a supportive environment, in order to make meaningful connections, and stronger work. 

Photo Scratch is free to attend and there is no charge to participate.


Our Team

hanna-katrina jedroszHanna-Katrina Jedrosz co-founded Photo Scratch and is a documentary photographer from London. Her personal work focuses on stories about people and their connections to places and specific routes and pathways, and how spaces inform experience, often in contexts where history collides with the present. In 2016 she won the Royal Photographic Society/The Photographic Angle Environmental Bursary for a project about the European Green Belt and the resonance of the Iron Curtain in today’s Europe. In 2015 she was nominated for the Tim Hetherington Visionary Award, in 2014 she won the IdeasTap Innovators Award and had a solo exhibition at POSK Gallery in London with the project I Feel Every Stone of the Road, supported also by the Polish Ex-Combatants Association.

As well as photography, Hanna works as a freelance editor and picture researcher for The Sunday Times, and has worked for companies including the BBC, Reuters and Channel 4.

She graduated from the LCC MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography degree in 2013.

Contact: www.hannakatrina.co.uk
Insta: @hannakatrina_photo

phil le galPhil Le Gal co-founded Photo Scratch and is a documentary photographer from Brittany. His work focuses on the consequences of geography and globalisation. He has worked on long-term projects and documented aspects of life in China, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), former Soviet countries, Nigeria, the UK and France.

He studied photography at Central St Martin’s before completing a Masters degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, with Merits, at the University of the Arts, London College of Communications in 2014.

In 2014 Phil Le Gal founded The New Continent, a slow journalism long term project and platform that documents the stories of people living within or outside Europe’s Schengen borders. The New Continent work has been published on international media to illustrate the 2015/2016 European refugee crisis.

Phil Le Gal’s photographs have been exhibited in the UK, France, Japan and Belgium. His work has also been published in national online and printed magazines. Phil Le Gal is a Getty contributor and a member of the Studio Hans Lucas since 2015.

Contact: www.phillegal.org
Insta: @phil_le_gal


Sian Hughes joined the Photo Scratch team as Producer in 2017 and is a writer and arts facilitator. Currently her personal work is focused on writing a novel for young adults based on folklore of the British Isles. Sian connected with Photo Scratch through being an avidly interested audience member, and went on to volunteer her stage-management, arts facilitation and writing skills, and the collaboration has grown from there.

She studied English Literature at York University and completed an MA in Writing for Performance and Publication at Leeds. She now lives and writes in London, and works as Marketing and Communications Officer for Freshwater Theatre.

When not marketing or working on the novel, Sian works towards her lifetime ambition of representing and advocating for undervalued voices through literature and photography.

Twitter: @Sian_Hughes99


Max Houghton is Course Leader in MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. She has been writing with and about photographs since 2001, and edited the photography biannual 8 magazine for six years. She now writes regularly for the international arts press, including FOAM, 1000 Words, Photoworks and many more, and is the co-author, with Fiona Rogers of Firecrackers: Female Photographers Now (Thames and Hudson 2017). She is also a laws faculty scholarship doctoral candidate at UCL.
Insta: @maxhoughton8

Dan Gaba is a photographer and Photo Editor for the Wall Street Journal.
Insta: @dangaba


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