If you would like show a work-in-progress project at a future Photo Scratch, we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Please apply to and following the application guidelines below.

The only criteria for showing work is that it is documentary in nature, and that you are a professional photographer, not currently in full time education, working in the pictures based industries.

Include in your application:

  • A brief description of your project (no more than 200 words)
  • What you hope to gain from doing Photo Scratch – are there particular issues or questions you are encountering to do with your project?
  • A selection of low res jpegs from the proposed project (no more than 6 pictures, no more than 800kb each in file size)
  • Any information you have about how you would want to display the work (prints, contact sheets, projection, do you need a table…etc.)
  • Two links to where your work (other than the project you are applying with) has been published or shared other than your own website.

Please note:

  • Photo Scratch is for work-in-progress only.
  • Photo Scratch is predominantly focused on documentary photography and photojournalism, though projects that reach into the art side of things are also welcome. Challenging the form is always encouraged.
  • Photo Scratch takes place in London. There is no fee to apply or participate, but you are responsible for your own costs associated with participating (transport, prints etc.)
  • Photo Scratch is specifically for photographers who are not currently studying.


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