News – Phil Le Gal, Alexia Villard and others exhibiting with Pain Perdu

Delighted to share the news that our very own Phil Le Gal (co-director/founder of Photo Scratch) and Alexia Villard who shared work at Photo Scratch in May 2016, both have  work in the next Pain Perdu / French Toast Issue 2: Origines / Origins exhibition, organised by the Kitchen Table Collective which Alexia is part of.

Picture: Phil Le Gal


KTC are proud to present the second issue of their independent, bi-lingual and annual art limited publication to be launched at Leyden Gallery in London on the 23rd of May from 6.30 pm till 9.30 pm.

We were overwhelmed with the responses and submissions to our open call. The resulting publication and exhibition will display 11 guest contributors to accompany submissions from members of the collective, exploring the theme of Origins”.

The artists contributing to this project are: 
Jack Ashley (UK),  Giulia Astesani (Italy),  Andrea Aversa & Davide Cascio (France/Italy/Switzerland),  Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée (France),  Amandine Freyd (France),  Jessica Galliver (UK),  Phil Le Gal (France/UK),  Emma Mudgway (New Zealand),  Sonia Knop (Germany),  Léa Lescure (Germany), Zoé Schreiber (Belgium),  Alexia Villard (France/UK),  Zoita (Romania)

23th – 27th May

Leyden Gallery
9 Leyden St
London E1 7LE
Opening hours:
Tuesday: 11am – 7pm
Wednesday: 11am – 7pm
Thursday: 11am – 7pm
Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 12pm – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

RSVP the private view here.
More info about The Kitchen Table Collective here.

Joanne Coates

Joanne shared her project ‘We Live by Tha’ Water’ in our April 2017 edition of Photo Scratch. Here she shares her experience and info about the project.



On Monday 24th April I took part in my first Photo Scratch. I found the pop-up exhibition and the nights format helpful. As I live in a rural area, and spend much of my time working in different areas around the UK, it can be difficult to actually talk to anyone about my work. I’ve been working on this series since March 2016 now and felt as though it was a good time to talk about it, discuss ideas, and get feedback. It’s important to see how people interact with the work. The night saw new conversations. The feedback was helpful in developing the project. I think it’s vital to connect with other artist, writers, designers, so was really impressed with the night and only left with positives of the evening.

We Live By Tha’ Water is a story. A story that toys with what we accept as real and what we accept as imagined. It is an exploration of a new life after a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder. A dark narrative that explores life on the edge lands of society. A complex visual culmination of personal anxieties and mental erosion. A drawn out fascination with power relations. It is a poetic and emotional response to the eerie elements that make up modern societies. Slowly as the story continues the boundaries begin to warp and fade. What is real and what is imagined start to blur. The island is used as a new place for the in-between. To question what is actually visible and what is known. A place between madness and sanity. Travelling to the edge of the world to explore my own subconscious.  As the Orcadian writer George McKay Brown wrote: “The imagination is not an escape, but a return to the richness of our true selves, a return to reality.


The work itself is taken in moments of mania or moments of depression. Photo Scratch offered me the chance to start bringing in other elements of the work such as search warrants, diary entries that depict the story, and pieces that tell the story of a decline in mental health. I’ve always been interested in documentary photography, but wanted my personal work to be a documentary of the self. To challenge the ways in which work. There is more to come in the series that will explain the journey more, where the viewer begins to lose sight of what is true and what isn’t. Beginning to realise if that truth matters or not in such a personal depiction.

Connect with Joanne:

Andreea-Mihaela Andrei

Andrea shared a growing series of work shot on instant polaroid film at our Photo Scratch in April 2017. Here she shares her thoughts about the experience:


It was my first event with Photo Scratch and I was amazed at how it went. I can say that I had my doubts about the fact that maybe my project will not be so interesting to be seen by people, but it blew me away with such positive feedback and the fact that I actually made some connections and I talked with some wonderful people and amazing photographers.
It was a perfect night, it was like Christmas for me. I will recommend the event and what you guys are doing without blinking because it’s wonderful what you’re doing and with such a passion for art and photography projects. I’m glad I’ve met you. Can’t wait to see you at the next meeting.



Celine Marchbank at FIX Festival

Photo Scratch photographer Celine Marchbank is part of FIX Festival curated by Laura Noble and in central London – on now!

FIX Photo Festival 2017

12 – 21 May

Free Entry

Venue: Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London SE1 9PH


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

Friday 12 – Sunday 21 May        11.00 – 20.30

Monday 15 May                         11.00 – 18.00

Tuesday 16 – Sunday 21            11.00 – 20.30

Simon Short – London USA – exhibition at Cafe Below

News! Yet more good news of another Photo Scratch photographer with work being exhibited out in the wider world: Simon Short, who shared this very work at Photo Scratch in September 2016, will have work exhibited at the Cafe Below, in central London. The Private View is this evening!



Private View – Simon Short, London USA
Gallery Below, 5.30-7pm

An exhibition of Colour photographs of America taken and printed by the artist – the old-school way; using film in a medium format camera, and then printed by the artist in a darkroom.

Let Simon know you’ll be there tonight by RSVPing at:

More info about Simon’s work:


News: Lens Think – Yorkshire

News from Joanne Coates, who shared work at Photo Scratch in April 2017, and has set up the Lens Think Yorkshire initiative! The inaugural event takes place tonight:


Picture: Al Palmer


Thursday May 11th will see the very first social for Lens Think Yorkshire, A bi-monthly social in Yorkshire to meet, share work, ideas, & develop photography in the North. The night will see Al Palmer of Publishers Brown Owl Press speaking on the night with a Q & A. Alongside Speed Creative networking. Amongst the photographers will be Graphic Designers, Publishers and magazine editors. The launch takes place at The Fossgate social, York – and you’re invited to come and take a look.

This is the first of our 2017 events; the year will see Lens Think in Hull and Sheffield. With events planned in Leeds, Whitby and West Yorkshire in 2018. Speed Creative Networking is a chance for creatives in the area to connect. You’ll have 5 minutes to tell each other who you are, talk a little bit about your work, learn about someone else’s work and find out about all the creatives you didn’t know existed in the area. Feel free to mention collaborations, bring business cards, postcards, or whatever you feel best helps you explain your work and who you are. This is a chance to present your work in an intimate and friendly space with creatives, artists and Photographers in the Yorkshire area.


May 11th 2017| 6:00pm Doors open| Event starts 6.30pm | Talk starts 7.30pm

The Fossgate Social, 25 Fossgate, York YO1 9TA

Al Palmer |


Facebook Group:

Event Page:

Instagram Page:

Photo Scratch Photographer Nina Gusway in group show

Nina Gusway shared her work-in-progress Binders Full of Beautiful at one of our Photo Scratch nights in November 2016. We delighted to share the news that this work will be exhibited as part of a group show in London this month at Candid Arts Trust, Islington, opening this Thursday until 18th May.

PV on Thursday 11 May 18.00 – 21.00.
Gallery hours:
Friday 12 May – Thursday 18 May 2017
12 – 6pm

Admission: Free
Address: Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, London EC1V 1NQ
Nearest London Underground Station: Angel