From Chris Bethell

Chris showed his project in March 2016 at Photo Scratch.

I decided to revisit a project I hadn’t touched in a few years – titled Use Me or Live in Filth. I originally started the project because I realised that I had a vast archive of imagery centring around youth culture lying dormant on my hard drive. Over the past four years I have been shooting commissioned work for VICE UK at festivals, house parties, events and in day to day life. All of this work served it’s purpose in a singular article or advert and then fell to the memory of the internet. I wanted to do something more with the work; to give it a new meaning, so I started re-appropriating it all to work together.   

Photo Scratch gave me the opportunity to revisit this work again. After starting a masters degree this body of work was shelved for a while. For the first time, I showed Use Me of Live in Filth publicly – opening up to criticism about what worked and what didn’t. Receiving anonymous feedback is a strange but freeing process. It allowed people to be honest with their opinions and really engage with what I showed.

It is a really valuable event and I highly recommend others to get involved. 


May Photo Scratch

picture by Simon RyninksPicture: Simon Ryninks


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the third edition of Photo Scratch on Monday 23rd May 2016, at Hotel Elephant Gallery in Borough. We saw a wide selection of brilliantly executed works-in-progress projects and welcomed more people than ever to the night to offer their feedback and insight. With drinks supplied by local wine company Lant Street Wine and continued support from Hotel Elephant, Photo Scratch is growing into something quite lovely, with a supportive and rigorously constructively critical atmosphere.

All photographers who showed work can be found on our Alumnus page, with links to their websites.

With plans for expansion afoot, if you are interested in showing work at a future Photo Scratch, please do get in touch now!

The next edition of Photo Scratch will take place on Monday 11th July 2016.

Mike Kear – write up from March 2016

It is often quite difficult to keep the momentum going with personal work. Having a deadline to work to was brilliant to help get to the next stage. My work, “All art is to some extent propaganda”, looks at life today in Myanmar in the context of the relationship George Orwell had with the country and the effect these experiences had on his writing.
I showed a first rough edit of the body of work produced so far. It is very much in its early stages and the event gave me the opportunity to talk through the context of the work and my ideas of how to present it. The responses and conversations proved very useful.
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Photo Scratch write up by Janette Scott (March 2016)

Deptford Creek
was my final major project on the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at London College of Communication but I felt that it wasn’t really complete. Photoscratch gave me the opportunity to experiment with different ways of developing the work, and discover what worked and what didn’t. It’s the first work I’ve done since graduating, so it was a little daunting producing images without the support of tutorials but I appreciated having a deadline to work to.  It was interesting having to think about how to present the work in a different kind of space, but great to have the work seen outside an academic setting.