Kevin Percival

Kevin showed work-in-progress at our January 2017 edition of Photo Scratch.
This time at Photo Scratch I presented a project very close to me, which I’ve been working on for over 5 years. In some ways this should have been quite a nerve inducing experience, especially given the reception the project received in its infancy. However, as usual I had no such concerns with Photo Scratch. I can’t emphasise enough the friendly, constructive, critical vibe which has been built up over the last year.

I would say it’s important to come armed with a set of questions which you want answering about the work. So much of the feedback will be peopletanerafolio-8‘s initial responses to a project, and I’ve found it helps to steer people’s thinking sometimes. Otherwise you can end up with valid feedback, but on elements of the work or presentation, which you’ve already considered/put to bed.
As always the nights continue to attract a great crowd of people wanting to engage with, think about and talk photography, and it only seems to be growing in popularity. You end up meeting all sorts of people, from all areas of the industry. Having a deadline to produce some prints is also a really useful kick up the arse…
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Philipp Ammon

Philipp showed his project about argan oil at the January 2017 edition of Photo Scratch.


For the last 4 years, I have been working on a book project about the production of argan oil in Morocco. When it comes to shooting and getting the images in, I can be very focused. My trouble, however always comes up when I get to the editing phase… Going through thousands of images can be a daunting task on your own, and I think at this point in any project, it always helps to get some feedback on a wide edit. The trouble is, it’s hard to find time to schedule several blocks with people to make that progress.

Knowing that I would be presenting the project at Photo Scratch in the first place helped me set a physical deadline to get a wide edit selected and printed. That on its own was a valuable process. The night itself was fantastic, in that it provided a chance to put the “rough draft” in front of a group of peers and get some valuable feedback and insights on how the project is being received/understood.

I came out of the night with some really interesting feedback and food for thought that has since not only helped me be more focused on the edit for the story, but also some missing elements to consider next time I go out and shoot for this project. I would recommend it to anybody who is missing the peer feedback they were getting when on a course.

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Twitter/Instagram: @photoammon

Next Photo Scratch – 24 April 2017

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Eventbrite - Photo Scratch #9Next Photo Scratch at Hotel Elephant featuring work-in-progress from:

Andreea-Mihaela Andrei

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Hugh Cunningham

Hugh Cunningham showed his work-in-progress documentary project entitled, If Darfur is hell, then Preston is a paradise, at the January 2017 edition of Photo Scratch.

The series focuses on the experiences of Sudanese migrants now living in the north of Britain.


Showing work at Photo Scratch is highly recommended. Hanna and Phil’s evening is a great experience for any photographer. Developing a unique photography practice can seem an uphill struggle so the opportunity to have great conversations about the details of work, receive recommendations and pointers as well as be inspired by like-minded exhibitors and attendees is priceless! 

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Instagram: @hughkinsellacunningham


Fiona Bailey & Tamara Pollock

Photographer Fiona Bailey and writer Tamara Pollock participated in our January 2017 edition of Photo Scratch with their project Then Came icandance.


A fantastic evening at Photo Scratch. It was a first outing for our photo-documentary about young dancers with disabilities and we felt hugely encouraged. Feedback was constructive and considered, the pace of the evening was perfect – we got to talk to almost everyone there about our work. We are still working through the feedback forms – there are some excellent suggestions and we’re looking at our project with fresh eyes. We also made some exciting contacts. We will be at Photo Scratch in the future to give back a little of the generous support we received from Hanna and the team.
~ Fiona Bailey (photographer) and Tamara Pollock (writer)
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Photo Scratch hits the road!


We are delighted to have been invited to do a pop-up edition of Photo Scratch at the graduation show of the London College of Communication’s MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography degree. This edition will operate as usual, but this time at Ugly Duck in Bermondsey. As well as Photo Scratch you will have the opportunity to see the work of this year’s graduating year group in the same space.


Eventbrite - Photo Scratch - LCC Guest Edit


5-8pm (please note slightly earlier time than usual)

UGLY DUCK, 47/49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London SE1 3PL


Chris Bethell

Lewis Bush

Lynda Laird

Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz

Phil Le Gal

Celine Marchbank

Adam Patterson

Twitter: @Photo_Scratch

Instagram: @Photo_Scratch


Eventbrite - Photo Scratch - LCC Guest Edit