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Photo Scratch is…
...a meeting place
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...a supportive community
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Photo Scratch


Photo Scratch is a unique social, networking and feed-back event for documentary photographers, photojournalists and people involved in the associated industries of photographic picture making. It is also free to attend and be part of!

Each edition centres around the projects of (usually) six photographers who have applied in advance to share work-in-progress and receive constructive written and verbal feedback from spectators in an informal setting. No one stands at the front presenting, instead spectators and photographers are free to roam and encounter the work at their leisure. At the core of Photo Scratch is the opportunity for photographers to understand how their work is perceived and gain valuable insight into how to take their projects further with the benefit of a range of perspectives. For spectators, Photo Scratch is an opportunity to preview projects in their development stage, offer feedback, and engage in conversations about photography with colleagues in the industry in a democratic setting.

Photo Scratch is a chance for photographers at many different stages of their careers to meet, discuss and have open dialogues about their practice in a supportive environment, in order to make meaningful connections, and stronger work.

What happens at Photo Scratch?

The format of the night involves a group photographers, usually six or seven, previewing projects in an incomplete state. These participants are selected in advance based on applications. Each photographer is given a wall and/or space to display their work in any way they see fit - rough prints, contact sheets, annotations, captions, text, projection... The audience, comprised of other photographers and people within the industry, is then welcome to discuss the work and leave written feedback for each project. This valuable written feedback is kept by each photographer for future reference. The night is free for all to attend, but booking is required. There is a bar in the gallery.

Who runs Photo Scratch?

Photo Scratch is a social enterprise run by a small team of volunteers who help promote events, forge connections, scout photographers, and run each edition. We take on commissioned Guest Edit editions of Photo Scratch to help cover our costs and share our ethos and approach with new audiences.

Photo Scratch was founded by photographers Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz and Phil Le Gal. The first edition took place in January 2016.

Currently Photo Scratch is supported by a team of volunteers including: Etienne Bruce, Elizabeth Gleave, Fiona Filipidis, Kensington Leverne, Nicola Muirhead, Jasmine FarramJared Krauss, Kev Percival. We are grateful for the past support of: Siwan Wang and Sian Hughes. We are also grateful to graphic designer Nathan Clutterbuck.

The ethos of the night originated from the supportive peer group of the 2013 graduating year of the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course at LCC, University of the Arts London.